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Join the Linkedin DIY Community.

Ready to see all the blessings that Linkedin can provide?  Apply to join our Linkedin community.

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Get moving this year on LinkedIn with a Christ centered community.

What the community provides.

Online Frameworks

You get access to all of our training material online so you can use it whenever you need it!

1 hour trainings

We do an hour long workshop style training every week for 4 weeks. Then provide a recording so you can go at your own pace.

Office Hours

Need help with our lessons or some attention about how to apply your learnings? I have weekly office hours to help you out!

Alumni Group

After you graduate you get access to an ever growing group of students that continue to help and support each other.

Ongoing Events

When you join 'Only By Grace' you get invites to events and trainings as part of our alumni group. We dont' stop at graduation.


One of the cool things about being part of an ongoing group is that you get access to things that my other clients don't. Just as a thanks!

Stop procrastinating and start building on LinkedIn!

An incredibly small amount of people post and interact on LinkedIn consistently.

  • Less than 1 in 100 users post regularly

  • Most are boring and bland

  • You can learn how to stand out quickly

Discover the power of
consistently using
your own voice.

Become more genuine to become an authority. You already have the personally and unique skill to bless others. You will learn to:

  • Use language that stops your customer from scrolling.

  • Create engagement that leads to prospects.

  • Convert conversation in to opportunities.

Your Linkedin growth is
YOUR hands.

There are no shortcuts to getting customers on LinkedIn. It takes consistency, focus and improvements.

The Only By Grace Community will help you to

  • Use frameworks that won't stop working in 6 months, like other gurus.

  • Stand out from the crowd by being yourself.

  • Enjoy ongoing inbound leads


4 week LIVE course

Full Linkedin Profile Audit

Content assignments

Hashtag strategy

Specific commenting advice

Live Q & A

What to expect from the
LinkedIn group.

Become a trusted voice

  • It increases your authority

  • Ensures people are hearing from you often

  • Grows your audience and influence.

You learn how to engage with your audience with your voice so they continually hear from you, the expert.

Start talking with more decision-makers

44% of Linkedin users make more than 75K/yr. You learn how to talk with people that want to pay!

  •  Business is first on LinkedIn

  • 62% are looking for insights 

  • You only need to position yourself as the person to talk to


Anne Small

Encourager & Engagement Expert.

LinkedIn outreach and engagement specialist for Christian business owners and leaders.

Anne Small Consulting

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